Soufeel official site

Hello! Today I will tell about where you can buy a traveler's bracelet. And also I will show you how beautiful there is on the official site Soufeel. If you really like the idea of ​​bracelets, but the most famous brand is too expensive, and you are not ready to risk with Ali, this site comes to the rescue. Good quality for a reasonable price. This is not some cheap, but 925 sterling silver. The site is just a great variety of different charms, just any subject. Here, the main thing is to immediately decide in what style the bracelet will be assembled, otherwise you risk picking up different charms in color and size, for example, which will look a little ridiculous. So, I collected my first bracelet according to the principle of charm, like or dislike. And of the five charms, only three were ideally suited to each other, and the other two differed in size — one larger than all, the other very small. With the second bracelet I chose the subject of Travel. A couple of pink charms and bracelet ready. In fact, a lot of charms, in addition to love, friendship, family, animals and religion, liked the subject of a hobby. To pick up a bracelet to taste is not difficult, you just have a look, there are all sorts of hard and soft, and even leather. You can choose for any outfit. And hard, and soft silver, and if you want leather in any shade you can get. I admire, every charm is so well crafted, delicate, professional work. All lines, all angles, everything is perfect. No, I do not praise, really the execution of charms will not carp. If it is a machine, then certainly with windows, headlights, wheels. If the balloon, then with a basket. If the camera is with buttons and a lens. In general, each charm looks more than realistic and at the same time cute. With regards to the durability of the bracelet. The first bracelet is already a year old and as good as new. The clasps work fine. For those who doubt whether to order on the Internet, I will answer it, because the conditions are more than attractive: There is a possibility of return within 60 days. You have the whole 2 months to return the goods in case of unsatisfactory quality; If the basket of goods will be $ 60, the order will be sent free of charge. The order arrived fairly quickly, there was an express delivery from which I refused in the end. For coordinating with the courier convenient time and was not able to. All packaged very high quality and even the mail can not harm the parcel. Two postal package + box + yellow, Chinese package with a pimple. And inside the package wrapped. Each charm in an individual mini-package, bracelet, too, separately. Here and a bag for injuries, and a wipe for wiping, and a gift bag for giving. The official site Soufeel definitely recommend! Thank you for your attention, good health to you!