Soufeel official site of online store

It is so wonderful, independently, using a convenient site, to create something of your own, to put a piece of yourself, your thoughts and memories into a thing that will be with you for many years. In something that will remind you of the most important, the most important, the most beautiful. Yes, today we will talk about bracelets from the official site of online store Soufeel and their charms. Today I will show you about the bracelet in my collection, which has become just a great addition to almost all of my images. I will show you the details of the charms and tell you why I chose this or that option. Well, it became interesting to you? Then let's go! The first charm is a red flower. In alchemy, red flower stands for gold, and still red flowers were a symbol of victory. And red acacia symbolizes life and death, death and rebirth. The second charm is a turtle with a shell decorated with green stones. This sharmik in my collection doesn’t carry any meaning, it just turned out to be very nice, that's why it got into the order. Although, maybe, I will see turtles in my vacation. I would really like that! The third charm — pumpkin. The fourth charm is an apple. Just a nice pretty little apple. Nice fit to the charm with color. Fifth, last, charm — sleeping fox. Material: 925 sterling silver. Bracelet size: 17 centimeters. The bracelet turned out in a very nice color scheme, which is ideal for spring and summer. I really liked to make such jewelry — they immediately become really unique and individual, a special manifestation and addition to you. As if they absorb parts of your soul, parts of your individuality, become something truly unique. I can not even single out any one charm, because they are all just adorable. But, probably, I liked the fox sleeping most of all. So cute. The performance is very beautiful, fine work. On the turtle pebbles are all smooth, high quality. Delivery was 1 month, maybe a little more. There was a track number that was being tracked. The package arrived at the local post office and was given to me upon presentation of a passport and track number. Each charm lay in a separate bag! Bracelet too. All the bags of charms lay in a fabric brown bag. The bag lay in a sealed yellow mail bag without any inscriptions or stickers. This postal bag lay in the company box with the logo of the official site of online store Soufeel. The box was already in a gray mailing bag with a sticker and a shipping address. I am very pleased with this kind of packing! This ensures that the valuable thing comes intact. Many thanks for your time to this review!