Romwe official site of online store

Good day to all! About the official site of online store Romwe, I learned from Youtube. There was a peak, a year ago, when all-all video bloggers ordered from this site! I ordered from there many times and clothes and accessories for the iPhone, for example the lens Fish-I, from her I am delighted. Everything came in a pouch, 2 lenses and a holder on the iPhone. The site is not exactly cheap, but! Everything comes in excellent condition, good quality, everything is neatly packaged. Delivery is free, comes to my city in 2-3 weeks, although they speak for 30 days, although I remember the first package went to me for 1.5 months. When you first register, a gift coupon is given, for a discount of $ 15, you can use it immediately. If you register on the site, then you will begin to receive e-mail letters with new products and with various promotions and discounts! The only negative is that there are a lot of one size goods, and I am slim, and they are big to me! Fans order something from the Internet — I advise the official site of online store Romwe! Thank you for reading the review.