Fairyseason official online store

Hello. Today I will tell you about the lovely blue dress purchased on the official online store Fairyseason, I hunted him for a couple of months. Stumbled upon him by chance and just fell in love. At the time of ordering the dress was worth $ 15.98. Free shipping. The dress is presented in a single blue color. 3 sizes: S, M, L. I took on our size 42-44 M. It fit perfectly. Chip dress in asymmetric hem. The upper part looks very simple, like a regular T-shirt. The waist is gathered by an elastic band, the elastic does not press, in this respect everything is fine. There is a petticoat, it is of optimal length, so as not to get out too much, but also not to show piquant places. The dress is sewn very well, all seams are not straight stitching. Made a dress on the assurances of the seller of chiffon and polyester. Polyester petticoat, the fabric is not quite pleasant to the skin, but it does not shine through. I wore a dress with slaps, the heat did not allow to flit on his heels. So with heels or platform dress would look even better. This dress quickly became my most loved. You can't buy anything like this in our stores for such a price! I recommend to all the official online store Fairyseason.