Atolyestone coupons and promo codes

Hello everybody. I gently love jewelry, I have a lot of it. I decided to share the contents of my box. This review will focus on a wonderful bracelet from at least a great online store Atolyestone, where I have already made more than one purchase. I want to immediately draw attention to the fact that often there are coupons for a discount. No discount — prices in the store to me personally, seem a bit overpriced. I admit honestly, without a coupon I have never made an order here, this is what I am. With marriage has not yet come across. Delivery was also always fast, maximum month. The last package arrived in 9 days, it is almost a record. Track code is tracked. The parcel is represented by a regular postal envelope, lined from the inside with a pimple. In a set a bag for storage from organza. Now let's proceed directly to the hero of our review. The bracelet is quite voluminous, catchy. Openwork weaving with rather large heart cut inserts. The color of the coating corresponds to yellow gold, uniform, free of defects. Inserts of lemon-yellow color, size 6×6 millimeters, with a bright glass shine. The bracelet sparkles and shimmers in both natural and artificial light. Overall length with fastener 18 centimeters. On my wrist the bracelet is somewhat large, but it does not fall from the hand. Although I want it to be shorter by a couple of centimeters. Since the decoration is very catchy and noticeable, I avoid combining it with anything other than earrings of the studs. I'm afraid to turn into a Christmas tree. Taking into account the promo code of the Atolyestone online store, the purchase price was $ 163.5. Free shipping. In general, I recommend the bracelet. It is really beautiful, high-quality jewelry, worth its money.