Berrylook coupons and promo codes

Hello everyone who looked into my review! My purchase history is not very original: I saw it, I fell in love, I bought it. Everything! Most often, the story of all is just such, therefore, I will go straight to the point. I ordered my dress in the online store Berrylook. The cost at the time of purchase at a discount coupon was $ 10.99. The order flew to me about a month. Track code tracked. The dress is packed in a branded transparent bag, and then a black postal bag. Packing safe and sound! The site contains the composition: Polyester, cotton. There is no tag on the dress, with any information but, in my opinion, it is cotton. Fabric to the touch, very soft and pleasant. The so-called noodles are quite dense, but they stretch well and at the same time do not hang down on the elbows and bottom, even after a whole day of socks. After washing, the dress remained in its original form, did not warp and did not lose shape. I chose a beige color, and naturally dark-colored linen shines through it, so I immediately stocked up on colorless and seamless linen. It is completely invisible under the dress. Buttons are not sewn, but fixed like on jeans. Therefore, the possibility of losing a button is excluded. All securely and evenly secured. The dress is sewn smoothly, not twisted and there is not even a hint of marriage. Sticking thread was not particularly, oh miracle! There was no Chinese smell either, so the dress did not smell. At its parameters 88h65h93 and height 160 centimeters. I ordered S and didn’t lose, the dress is perfect, in my opinion, as I like to wear as dress. Knee length Midi style is now in fashion. The length of the midi and round neckline is almost under the throat, everything seems to be closed and everything is decent, but at the expense of the fitting silhouette, the dress favorably emphasizes all the feminine charms. But I must say that it emphasizes the disadvantages too. I have long doubted about my height, I thought that such a style would not work for short girls. But still, I took the risk and now I wear it with pleasure, and my relatives and friends reassured me that this style suits me. I think this dress is basic and versatile. The dress can be dressed with heels, accessories, and you get a rather romantic and feminine look. If you wear it with sneakers or boots, adding leather jackets or a denim jacket, you will get a youth and modern look. It is appropriate both at school, and in the office or on a date. I am more than satisfied with the order for the promo code of the Berrylook online store! I wear it with pleasure, although I still wear it only for holidays in a narrow circle of relatives and friends. Waiting for the spring, that would walk him on the street. A dress of excellent quality, at a very nice price — emphasizes femininity and is appropriate everywhere. All good, beauty and good shopping!