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Hello! I adore jewelry on leather laces. And this stylish bracelet is one of my numerous collections. Another good reason why I prefer metallic leather jewelry is that this natural material is not susceptible to oxidation and does not cause allergic reactions on the skin, the contact of metal parts with skin is minimal. The length of this bracelet is 90 centimeters, it closes with a small buckle just like a strap. Pebbles look very gently, because they are planted not close to one, but between them are small metallic rosettes. I also want to note that the pebbles are not just glued to the skin, but riveted, which allows me to draw conclusions about the long service life of this bracelet. I am very pleased with this purchase and wear it in a pair with a necklace on a leather cord. You can buy this thing on the official site of online store Atolyestone for about $ 50 in different variations.